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Artistic Integration

An Occupational Renaissance
Challenged Artists and Creatives

Jake Kot

Consultative Expert for
Creative Occupational Diversification


The Well Employed Life

Creative Occupational Diversity - Staying Steadfast With Your Initial Art Coupled With The Artistic And Fiscal Rewards Of An Additional Domain Of Creative Interest.  Working As A Creative On A Full Time Basis and Putting An End to Selling Your Soul All Day and Trying to Buy It Back At Night.

The Artistic Integration Program

As a Certified Professional and Human Potential Development Coach, I provide a systems-based program I’ve constructed which focuses on the discovery of your diversified potentialities. You’ll engage in a personal and professional assessment, followed by an evaluative observation. It’s a collaborative effort to guide you to the choice of a second occupation befitting your capabilities, interests, and unique strengths - purposeful diversification.

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As a Certified Creativity Coach, I’ll introduce to you a broad range of creative techniques and behaviors. You’ll work through a Creative Developmental Profile to help you identify, diversify and upgrade your creative potentialities to service not only your vocational expansion, but your initial Art as well - an unlocking of your creative versatility.

As a Certified Career Coach, I will assist you with developing your action plan - the Art of Personal Branding - which includes developing your resume, designing your cover letters, the acquisition of professional referrals, and interview techniques. Well also cover job search methods, preparing you for potential personality tests, and researching a company’s culture and mission statement. It’s the coordination of the logistics behind the breakthrough of entering your new domain of choice.


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Jake Kot

Artist, Author, & Artistic Integration Coach

For a Free Consultation, Connect With Me At:

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email me and I’ll send you a copy of the OPINE Principles, a quick read on the core elements behind the epistemology and philosophy of the Artistic Integration Program. Your information will be protected.

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