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Artistic Integration

An Occupational Renaissance
Challenged Artists

Jake Kot

Consultative Expert for
Creative Occupational Diversification

The Well Employed Life

Artistic Occupational Diversity - Staying Steadfast With Your Initial Art Coupled With The Artistic And Fiscal Rewards Of An Additional Domain Of Creative Interest And Purpose. A Productively Strengthened Professional Life Of Design - Not Default.

An End to Selling Your Soul All Day and Trying to Buy It Back At Night.

The concepts and modalities of Human Potential Development Coaching are the heart and soul of Artistic Integration. The systems-based program I’ve constructed focuses on the discovery and development of an Artist’s diversified potentialities through personal and professional assessment, evaluative observation, and experimentation. It’s a multidisciplinary analysis, a holistic approach to self-discovery and more purposeful vocational diversification. This creatively-based expansion and strengthening of your potential as an individual is a 21st century ideological Renaissance for today’s struggling artists.

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 Many years ago I met a legendary artist who looked me square in the eyes and stated, if you can’t take your work seriously, what’s the point. Sometimes, you just get thrown an irrefutable truth. Involvement in the elevation and achievement of an individual’s personal and professional aspirations is my work - and I take it seriously!   
It’s the process of constructive collaboration, intuitive questioning, active listening and purposeful guidance done with a clear respect to one’s personhood that facilitates a productive, working relationship. Anything less is a disservice to my client, and to myself, and that certainty drives me to keep my professional standards high.

My thrust as a Certified Creativity Coach is twofold: It encompasses introducing to you a broad range of creative behaviors to help you identify, diversify and discharge your creative talents, a distributive cognitive undertaking. It also involves working with you in the area of generative personal innovation. Neuroscience has shown us that generativity is the basic process that drives all the behavior you’ve come to label as creative, and that process can be specifically directed toward an “innovation of the self,” a creatively-driven more diversified portrait of your professional persona. A creative interdisciplinary investigation is key to expanding your value to the marketplace.

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My specific focus as a Career Coach is based on the belief that those in the Arts need to envision the noun “Career” in a much broader sense. The breakthrough I’m proposing is experiencing your artistic career as a multidisciplinary journey, as did many of histories most renowned artists. I work closely with my clients to discover and foster a more expanded career paradigm, an occupational marriage of complementary domains of creative interest. Many of the modalities in terms of the actual pursuit of your expanded career need to be thoroughly addressed in this unprecedented time of technological advances, economic shifts and emerging vocational mega-trends. The goal of my coaching in this area is redefining and expanding your vocational profile to address those challenges and construct a diversified occupational plan that embraces a sense of meaning and purpose to you as a creative. You deserve nothing less.

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Praise for The Art of Self-Empowerment


 In an age of subliminal messaging bombarding us through mass media and our use of technology where coercion of thought exists as a daily staple, it is of the upmost necessity that we have someone calling us to discover our true self and attain true independence. In these times where it is important to develop our consciousness soul, this work is a positive contribution toward that end. --  Dr. Robert Cwiertniak  - Psychologist PhD  


 Jake Kot is one of the great philosophers for these times whose work will jar you out of your illusions, insecurities, and, most importantly, your discontent. The Art of Self-Empowerment is the handbook for living through your power, and seeing the world from a different lens – one where you can create, thrive, and enjoy the journey. – Sherry Prindle, Founder of the Professional Coach Academy 


Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Jake Kot

Artist, Author, & Artistic Integration Coach

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